Tag 9 – Klimawandel Live am Chimborazo

Wir starteten Tag 9 im Basislager im Nebel. Um den letzten Tag auf dieser Höhe bestmöglich zu nutzen teilten wir uns auf.  Während sich die einen für den Aufstieg zum Stübel-Gletscher vorbereiteten, gingen die anderen Flora und Fauna auf knapp 4250m Höhe auf die Spur. Gleich am Morgen gab es die erste Überraschung: Christian bekam […]

Day 9 – Seeing climate change in action on Chimborazo

On Day 9, we awoke to find our base camp shrouded by fog. We split up to make the most of our last day at this altitude.  Half of the group got ready to climb up to the Stübel Glacier, whilst the others set off on search of flora and fauna at almost 4250 m above […]

Day 8 – Visiting the Abras Glacier

On Day 8, we woke up in our new home, the Refugia Carihuairazo camp. It was 5°C and there was no sign of any heating system! Before we knew it, we were setting off on our first expedition in the area. The destination of the day was the Abras Glacier.  As we made our way […]

Day 7 – Leaving the world behind/exploring by night

On the seventh day of our trip, we headed for the high-altitude camp on Chimborazo, Ecuador’s highest mountain. For the three days we were there, we were completely cut off from the rest of the world with no internet connection whatsoever. It took us two hours to drive from the foot of Cotopaxi to the […]