Day 13 – Exchange

Communication was right at the top of our agenda for Day 13. We were met by tour guides and researchers from the Universidad Estatal Amazónica for a

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Tag 5 -Auf dem Gletscher

Endlich ist es soweit! Gemeinsam mit unseren Partnern von der Universidad Estatal Amazonia geht es heute auf die Gletscher des Antisana-Vulkans. Welche Spuren menschlichen Einflusses

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Day 1 – Setting off

Excitement was running high on the day of our departure. And that was despite the 12-hour flight from the Netherlands to Ecuador we had ahead

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Bericht Alexander Humboldts aus Essai sur la géographie des plantes, Paris 1805.

Off we go!

All the months of preparations have been building up to this moment. On Saturday, we will finally board the plane to Ecuador. We may all

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