Day 13 – Exchange

Today we met with researchers from the Universidad Estatal Amazónica and had a very interesting exchange with them. Christian spent the evening outdoors again – equipped with an UV light, a net and his camera to capture the local moth population. Numerous moths went into his trap.

Day 12 – In the Cloud Forest

Today the day was dedicated to the flora and fauna of the middle altitudes of Ecuador (about 1000-2500m). Equipped with rubber boots to spite the pouring rain, we ventured through the cloud forest near Baños. We were impressed by the variety of plants and animals. In hardly any other country you can find such a […]

Day 11 – In the Llanganates National Park

Martin-Immanuel Bittner, interpreter, park ranger of the Llanganates Nationalparks (f.l.t.r) One sub-project of the expedition is an exploratory interview study with the local population. Here Martin-Immanuel speaks with the help of an interpreter to a park ranger of Llanganates National Park. Christian was able to continue his ornithological excursions in the national park today and, […]

Day 10 – Analysis

Now that we’re back from the Chimborazo, we’ve arrived in Ambato and are using the day to evaluate our collected samples and data. Ricarda and Robert are examining an ice sample from the Stübel Glacier – it takes a surprisingly long time for the ice to melt, even at room temperature. Miriam is editing the […]