Day 13 – Exchange

Communication was right at the top of our agenda for Day 13. We were met by tour guides and researchers from the Universidad Estatal Amazónica for a fascinating discussion. We had sought out and gathered a top team of scientists from a range of fields related to our project for this meeting. The Goethe-Institut (and others) had […]

Day 12 – Exploring the cloud forest

Day 12 of our trip was marked by the flora and fauna at an altitude of between 1000 and 2500 m (intermediate elevation for Ecuador) – but also by the rain. Nonetheless, we set off in search of an Inca pyramid and rock formation. Unfortunately, we struggled to take photos of either because of the heavy precipitation. […]

Day 11 – Visiting Llanganates National Park

Martin-Immanuel Bittner, interpreter, park ranger of the Llanganates Nationalparks (f.l.t.r) Our research took us to Llanganates National Park next. We had a long walk ahead of us once we finally found the entrance. And we had a lot to get done! We wanted to chat to more locals for our explorative interview study, with the […]

Day 10 – Analysing in the field

After two successful days on Chimborazo, we moved on to Ambato on Day 10. There, we had time to actually look more closely at the samples we had collected and evaluate the many observations we had made over the past few days. In our fields of research, it is not very often that we get […]