Day 10 – Analysis

Now that we’re back from the Chimborazo, we’ve arrived in Ambato and are using the day to evaluate our collected samples and data.

Ricarda and Robert are examining an ice sample from the Stübel Glacier – it takes a surprisingly long time for the ice to melt, even at room temperature.

Miriam is editing the interview with Ricarda and Romel in an improvised recording studio.

Dirk is continuing to take panorama photos.

And just as the glaciers retreat, man is spreading. Dirk documents the settlement around Ambato and Miriam records the sounds of the city.

Audio recording above the roofs of Ambato

And Christian is asking himself: Is it worthwhile to catch moths even in the middle of the big city of Ambato – despite the massive disturbance by street lamps and other light sources? His yield soon shows him that a meaningful catch is not possible under these conditions.



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