Day 13 – Exchange

Communication was right at the top of our agenda for Day 13. We were met by tour guides and researchers from the Universidad Estatal Amazónica for a fascinating discussion. We had sought out and gathered a top team of scientists from a range of fields related to our project for this meeting. The Goethe-Institut (and others) had […]

Day 9 – Seeing climate change in action on Chimborazo

On Day 9, we awoke to find our base camp shrouded by fog. We split up to make the most of our last day at this altitude.  Half of the group got ready to climb up to the Stübel Glacier, whilst the others set off on search of flora and fauna at almost 4250 m above […]

Day 6 – Climbing Cotopaxi

On Day 6, our search for another core took us to Cotopaxi, the second highest mountain in Ecuador at 5897 m above sea level. The last time this active volcano erupted was back in 2015, forming an ash cloud. The weather forecast and the amount of time we needed meant that our schedule was tight right from […]

Tag 5 -Auf dem Gletscher

Endlich ist es soweit! Gemeinsam mit unseren Partnern von der Universidad Estatal Amazonia geht es heute auf die Gletscher des Antisana-Vulkans. Welche Spuren menschlichen Einflusses werden wir an diesem abgelegenen Ort finden? Der Antisana liegt etwa 55 km östlich von Quito – die Anfahrt ist bereits ein landschaftliches Spektakel, die Zeichen menschlicher Zivilisation lassen wir […]