Day 13 – Exchange

Today we met with researchers from the Universidad Estatal Amazónica and had a very interesting exchange with them. Christian spent the evening outdoors again – equipped with an UV light, a net and his camera to capture the local moth population. Numerous moths went into his trap.

Day 8-9: Climate Change In Action

On day 9 we set off from our base camp to the Stübel glacier of the Chimborazo. For the first time, we can directly and immediately observe climate change at an altitude of 5000 meters. Since 2015, the glacier has retreated more than 150 metres in altitude. We document the retreat of the glacier with […]

Day 6 – Ascending Cotopaxi

Today we’re focussing on the volcano Cotopaxi, which is Ecuador’s second highest mountain with a height of 5897 meters.  However, unlike the Chimborazo, which we will be looking at, starting this weekend, the Cotopaxi is still active. It showed its last activity in 2015 with the rise of a high ash cloud and explosions inside. […]

Day 5 – Part 2 – Drill core

Today we took our first drill core from the Antisana Glacier and that was only possible thanks to great teamwork. Robert and Ricarda, our two scientists, whose main focus is ice, were in charge of drilling a 1 meter long core out of the ice (we do this with an ice core drill, which you […]