Day 6 – Ascending Cotopaxi

Today we’re focussing on the volcano Cotopaxi, which is Ecuador’s second highest mountain with a height of 5897 meters. 

However, unlike the Chimborazo, which we will be looking at, starting this weekend, the Cotopaxi is still active. It showed its last activity in 2015 with the rise of a high ash cloud and explosions inside.

Miriam during the ascent.

Already during the ascent the cloud cover closes and up on the glacier we are wrapped in rain and fog.

Like yesterday at the Antisana Glacier we want to extract an ice core. As a team we prepare for the core extraction.

The prepared drilling site.
The borehole.

Around 13 o’clock we start our descent in the pouring rain.

The efforts were worth it, as we now have another drill core from the glacier in our luggage.



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