Tag 16 – Mit guten Ideen erfolgreich gegen Plastikmüll

Heute freuten wir uns sehr Andrea Garzón kennenzulernen, die Gründerin von Huella Verde Ecuador. In Ecuador wird sehr viel Einweggeschirr aus Plastik verwendet, das dann zumeist direkt im Müll landet und nur zu einem kleinen Prozentsatz recycelt wird. Inspiriert von ähnlichen Ansätzen aus Deutschland, initiierte Andrea, die an der Universität Freiburg studierte, das Konzept von […]

Day 16 – Fighting plastic waste

On Day 16, we had the great privilege of meeting Andrea Garzón, the founder of Huella Verde Ecuador. In Ecuador, they use a lot of disposable plastic plates, which are mostly just thrown away. Only a very small percentage of them actually get recycled. Inspired by similar approaches in Germany as a former student at the […]

Day 15 – Returning to Quito

We hopped into our trusty minibus once again to follow the stretch of road that would take us back to Quito. Setting off in the morning and travelling for a good few hours, we noticed the landscape changing dramatically as we passed it. The forest disappeared as we climbed higher, and many areas had been […]

Day 14 – Staying at Finca Palmonte

We were lucky enough to be able to spend two whole days at the Finca Palmonte nature reserve, surrounded by an evergreen mountain forest at an altitude of 1400 m above sea level. The location was perfect for our studies and we were taken aback by the rich diversity of flora and fauna all around us.  […]