Day 16 – In Conversation

When we got back from the Cotopaxi volcano, Ricarda interviewed Romel Sandoval, one of our mountain guides. Romel is an environmental engineer and he spoke to her about the effects of climate change on the glaciers in Ecuador. We would like to share Miriam’s edited interview with you here.

Day 15 – Return to Quito

We’re spending the morning on the bus for the return transfer to Quito. As soon as we leave the national parks behind us, agricultural land replaces the forest, even in steepest terrain. In the afternoon we’ll have a meeting with Dr. Alden Yépez, professor at the Universidad Católica del Ecuador, Quito. The anthropologist will introduce […]

Day 14 – At the Finca Palmonte

Near Baños we spend two days in an evergreen montane forest at about 1400 meters altitude. Here we meet, among others, Fausto Recalde from the EcoMinga Foundation. We talk about the consequences of climate change in the Candelaria Reserve. In the immediate vicinity of our accommodation we discover a fascinating diversity in fauna and flora. […]

Day 11 – In the Llanganates National Park

Martin-Immanuel Bittner, interpreter, park ranger of the Llanganates Nationalparks (f.l.t.r) One sub-project of the expedition is an exploratory interview study with the local population. Here Martin-Immanuel speaks with the help of an interpreter to a park ranger of Llanganates National Park. Christian was able to continue his ornithological excursions in the national park today and, […]