Day 17 – Before the Departure

Dirk took advantage of the good weather in the morning and took the gigapixel shot of Quito, which had been postponed due to the rain on day 2. The location is the mountain station of the cable car to Pichincha at 3900m altitude. Quito is the highest capital of the world. About 40km long, 4km wide and 2 million inhabitants.

The full resolution image has 3.3 gigapixels (154972x21811 pixels, 396 single images)

The rest of us have an agenda full of meetings.

At the Universidad San Francisco de Quito, we talk with Alex Rendón, Director of International Programs Office, and Biology Professor Diego Cisneros about possible further cooperations.

Then we also meet Andrea Garcòn. She has a company, Huella Verde, which, inspired by her time in Germany at the University of Freiburg, offers a service of rental dishes in food courts, replacing the otherwise predominant disposable plastic dishes.



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