Start Of The Journey

Bericht Alexander Humboldts aus Essai sur la géographie des plantes, Paris 1805.

Many months of preparation are behind us and on Saturday we’ll finally fly to Ecuador together. We all come from very different scientific backgrounds, what unites us are two things: We are all members of the Junge Akademie and our aim is to explore this new age, the Anthropocene, shaped by man, together. We are convinced that we can only investigate major changes, such as climate change, in an interdisciplinary way. But precisely this interdisciplinary work can’t be taken for granted – it has to be learned and tried out. How can a climate researcher, a biologist, a chemist, a musicologist, a computer scientist and a physician even exchange information in a scientific world that is becoming increasingly specialised? How do we find a common language, common approaches and methods so that the so often propagated interdisciplinarity actually works? 

As members of the Junge Akademie, we have the opportunity to test exactly that and to go new ways. And we’re happy that you can look over our shoulder with this blog and accompany us on the expedition.



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