Day 2 – Arrival and preparations

Dirk and Robert test the automatic camera system together in the inner courtyard of our hotel.

The local contacts we had been put in touch with through the university and our travel agency had arranged a wonderful accommodation for us. And we felt really lucky to have travelled from east to west, as the jet lag could have been a lot worse. Once we’d all caught up on a decent night’s sleep, we were ready to get going with our first full day in Ecuador.

And we decided to dedicate most of it to getting ourselves properly prepared. We checked through our gear one more time for good measure and our local partners took us through all the key housekeeping points. As it turns out, rain ponchos and wellies are essential around here! Luckily, lots of local businesses were on hand to get us kitted out and protected from the rain.

Dirk (at the laptop), Martin and Robert (l.t.r) planning the next days.



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